A new series focused on the very unique #data we dig up

Within the last few weeks, we’ve seen two new artist development programs launched by Spotify (RISE) and Bandsintown (Big Break), both promising to provide exposure to emerging artists through their online platforms and good, ol’ fashioned IRL.

We love seeing these platforms throwing their weight (in addition to VC money and iPhone money) behind new acts, joining Apple Music (Up Next) and Tidal (def peep this Smino documentary edited by our guy behind the lens, Grant Lemons).

No one makes that sweet, sweet data public like Spotify does, so we thought we’d take a look at these artists featured:

Here are our few quick observations:

  • How much of a push does Lauv really need while sitting on 19M Spotify listeners? That’s more than all of the other artists combined…
  • Apple Music seems to have found their sweet spot of artists in the 2M — 3M listeners range. Bandsintown is definitely on the early end of things, while Spotify is all over the map.
  • New York City is a top 5 city on Spotify for all 11 artists featured, but only accounts for less than 2% of the total listeners. What does this mean? Streaming is really turning the local, global.

Watch this space. We’ll be back in a few weeks to take another look at who is benefitting from these programs, and who isn’t.

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