Guest Curator: Daniel Bonilla, Bandsintown

Daniel Bonilla is born-and-bred New Yorker, drenched in the sounds of his hometown and building a foundation to make a dent in it himself. After a few years doing music PR about town, Daniel’s been cutting his teeth at Bandsintown, the essential, Facebook-integrated platform for tracking touring artists, where he builds out promotional campaigns for artists using the service. He’s also burning the midnight oil working on a masters degree at the New School and throwing dance parties in the city (march 22nd wink wink)— the kid is on his #grind.

We love data and we love live music — Daniel slid into our DMs after reading a few newsletters and we’ve become fast friends. His playlist doesn’t disappoint; New York rap icons paired with effervescent new schoolers, well-rounded and textured for glances out of bus windows as the world takes shape every morning.

“No days off. It has been a crazy start to the new year so far, and this playlist is a little representation of the beautiful chaos,” says Daniel, “It’s got a bit of everything I’ve been jamming to since the last couple months, so you’ll get hit with a wide array of vibes. Hope you like it..”

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“Lock n Load” — Araabmuzik

One of my favorite producers and a master on the MPC, this dude stays dropping tapes that blend dance music and his ear for hard hitting drums. His Electronic Dream has been a mainstay in my rotation for years now. This song is off his newest project, and has been an anthem of my 2018 so far.

“How U Feel” — HUNCHO Jack

An easy top pick from this huge collab project, which is almost as good as their “Oh My / Dis Side” track. Their ability to make a track that you can both chill to and bug out to is beyond impressive to me.

“Kites”— N.E.R.D. featuring Kendrick Lamar, M.I.A.

One of the biggest sounding tracks I’ve heard in mad long — and the message on this is fucking amazing. The beat switch ups are ridiculous, and the verses from Kendrick and MIA are perfect for the track.


I was originally confused by the hype around Brockhampton, until hearing their song “LAMB,” and then it all made sense. This song and their come up is inspiring and shows what’s possible when a group of kids with a dream come together to achieve it.

“Asleep” — Majid Jordan

A big fan of these dudes since their first EP. They ghostwrite a bunch of Drake’s singy anthems, and they can still cook up hits for themselves. This is one of my favorites off their last album, which has so many smooth anthems on it — go check that out.

“Fones” — Mssigno

Randomly found this a while back, and it now has a place on almost every one of my playlists. The vocals and beat on this get me in such a zone every single time.

“Jorja Interlude” — Drake

Only seems right to add my most played song of 2017 on here: a blend of that classic Drake flex and honesty that holds him steady in my rotation since 2008. Loving that new “Diplomatic Immunity” track too… excited to see what else he’s got coming

“Uno Dos” — Teo featuring Jaden Smith

This jam from MSFTS artist Teo and founder Jaden Smith goes so hard. The old school latin sounds on here just set up such a vibe, bringing me to a tropical space mentally, then the beat switch at the ends hits so perfectly.

“Andromeda” — Gorillaz feat. DRAM

Gorillaz at The Meadows this was one of the best live performances I’ve seen in years, and this collaboration with DRAM was a highlight song of the year for me as well.

“Who I Am” — Juelz Santana

Growing up in New York, Dipset was everything, and Juelz was my guy especially. He spills his heart out on top of an amazing O’Jays sample and you can’t help but feel him on this.

“911/ Mr Lonely” — Tyler, The Creator

A standout album for 2017, Tyler skills the production and lyrics on this track. I been listening to this project on a daily basis for a minute now — hope he snatches that Grammy!

“Memory Lane” — Nas

Off the best hip hop album of all time and the album that taught me what good hip hop was as a kid. Every song on this is a classic but this one brings me back to those formative that made me who I am today.

“Just for Now “— Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap/Frou Frou samples >>>>. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out this somehow always gets me back on track. (if you’ve never heard the Lil B remix of this, you have to now.

“Futura Free “— Frank Ocean

Off one of my favorite albums of the last couple years, Futura Free is the illest victory track, The way he flexes his come up, creative freedom and victories this far, yet is able to be honest about the improvements he still needs to make — this just speaks to me on so many levels. Sonically, it’s everything you want, yet still leaves you wanting more. Seeing him perform this live brought tears to my eyes… don’t think I need to say anything else really.