Guest Curator: Jyoty Singh, The Move Mag creator, Rinse FM DJ, MixCloud Brand Partnerships

Jyoty Singh is a longtime London homey with A1 music taste. Coming up in her native Amsterdam’s music scene, she bounced over to London, hustling working night club doors up to presenting on Boiler Room and her radio slot on Rinse FM today. She started The Move mag in 2016, a gorgeous quarterly on club culture that nabbed a commended Launch of the Year by indie magazine distributor Stack. Jyoty’s interviewed a number of the artists we’ve brought over to the UK over the years (peep her amazing interview with Zack Fox here at 35min, or Masego at 1:00), and you can find her swaying in the crowd at any must-see show in the city.

“I’m in the middle of a period of time where I have never been so overwhelmed with all the (amazing) things that I’m working on and how I will keep my head above water,” Jyoty says, “In all my jobs, listening to music is part of the every day — especially music from all across the spectrum. In order to calm myself down I made the conscious decision to listen to tunes that will help me do so and ease my mood a bit.

It’s also a playlist that pays homage to all the beat makers out there. We finally live in a time where all the credit is given, to the point where the producer (and not another big vocalist) is in the position of giving a major cosign to someone who is emerging. Instrumentals are considered proper songs and no longer an edit used as background music, software is accessible to many and the consumer is loving it.

What a time to be alive…”

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